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Going Cre8tive Studios was started in 2011.  It was time for a name change.  I love designing and creating jewelry and my designs are always evolving.  I have not done any jewelry work in several months.  I am hoping that by blogging and posting pictures of my work here, I will be inspired again.

Going Cre8tive Studios is a very special and meaningful name.  Going is my last name.  It is my maiden name and the name I took back after my divorce.  Cre8tive is special because I am always creating and the 8 is for August, the month of my birth.  Studios was chosen because I am working toward having a studio of my own.

Going Cre8tive Studios is also an inclusive name because I do many things.  I am a full-time employee.  In addition to jewelry, I also love to make cards, scrapbook and stamp items.  I have repainted found items.  I also garden and enjoy spending time outside.  I have created my own conversational English for Spanish speakers course and have taught conversational Spanish to English speakers.  I love learning and trying new things.  My children come first above all of these things and I love them both.

I hope that you will enjoy my past designs and that I will be inspired here to cre8te new items.

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